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New programs to give students job skills

The University of La Verne is introducing a new career readiness program in six demanding medical fields. They offer non-degree certifications for anyone that’s interested in expanding skills and career opportunities.

Extended learning programs are flexible, with of weekend, evening and online self-paced programs.

Jamie Rush, senior director of extended learning, has spent a lot of time researching which career industries are on the rise to figure out which programs will best suit the extended

Event highlights the importance of voting

The University held a panel discussion titled “Why Vote?” Oct. 27 at the Ludwick Center Sacred Space, where about 25 community members gathered to discuss the importance of voting with midterm elections just days away.

Chairs were set up inside the Sacred Space for the discussion while outside food and drinks were available after the event, along with shirts that read “Leos Vote” for anyone who wanted one.

The conversation was led by three panelists – Gitty Amini, associate professor of politi

Students gather to celebrate Diwali

Around 20 people gathered at the Ludwick Center Sacred Space on Monday to learn about and participate in a Diwali Celebration.

Diwali is a Hindu religious festival known as the festival of lights. The festival, which traditionally lasts five days between mid-October and mid-November, is one of the most important festivals within Hinduism.

Chairs were set up inside the Ludwick Center Sacred Space for a presentation, and outside three different activities were laid out with food and drinks.

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Women’s March highlights what’s at stake in upcoming election

Around 100 people gathered Saturday for the Claremont Women’s March.

Marchers, who met at the corner of Foothill and Indian Hill Boulevards, held posters in support of reproductive rights and women’s bodily autonomy.

They held pink and white posters with phrases like “my body my choice” and “keep your policies off my uterus.”

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Women’s Wave, a nationwide action calling on women and men to participate and insist that a woman’s choice to when and wheth
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Exhibit explores eclectic approaches to painting

The Chan Gallery at the Pomona College Studio Art Hall on Columbia Avenue is hosting the exhibition “Painting: New Approaches,” which was collaboratively curated by Pomona College art students.

The 45-painting exhibit is on display through Oct. 29.

The show focuses on new artists, some local some not, and the various styles of each artist.

Alicia Garza, a senior studio art major at Pomona College, was one of the curators.

“We really wanted to explore starting with the idea of reaching out to

Exhibit explores Chicano heritage

The exhibition “Chicano Park Muralists in Pomona Con Safos,” which explores the history and roots of Chicano heritage through the art of 15 mural artists and two photographers from Chicano Park in San Diego, is on display now at the dA center in Pomona.

The artists discussed their work during an opening reception Saturday.

Featured artist Tina Wimer’s acrylic portrait “Ixchel” stood out with its vibrant colors and relaxed yet stimulating tone. Wimer’s painting connected with Mayan culture and
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Alcohol servers’ training could decrease DUIs

Under a state law that took effect this week, waiters and bartenders serving alcoholic drinks must be trained by a so-called Responsible Beverage Service training provider and pass an Alcohol Beverage Control, or ABC exam.

About 200,000 workers in California who work in 56,000 businesses have registered to take the training, said ABC spokesman John Carr.

“There has been a big outreach regarding training, in fact the course and exam can be taken in four different languages,” Carr said.

The law